Japan-Benin Friendship Association

The Japan Benin Friendship Association aims to provide the Embassy with a support and support structure, in complement to the political actions of the Japan-Benin Parliamentary Friendship League, to help to achieve its threefold mission: (i) promoting the Benin destination, (ii) promoting PAG flagship projects and (iii) incentive for the Japanese private sector to invest in Benin. Specifically, the Japan Benin Friendship Association will: (i) ensure advocacy in favor of Benin with the private sector, decentralized structures and NGOs; (ii) take initiatives contributing to the positioning of Benin in Japan and (iii) support the actions and activities of the Embassy.

Board of Directors

Mr. Kunihiro TANAKA Honorary Chairman

Mrs. Kyoko SPECTOR President

Mrs. Keiko KONISHI Vice-President

Mr. Hiroshi MASHIMO Executive Secretary

Mrs. Akiko HARA Vice-Secretary Executive

Mr. Takashi SAITO Head of Public Relations