Japan-Benin Friendship Association

The Japan Benin Friendship Association aims to provide the Embassy with a support and support structure, in complement to the political actions of the Japan-Benin Parliamentary Friendship League, to help to achieve its threefold mission: (i) promoting the Benin destination, (ii) promoting PAG flagship projects and (iii) incentive for the Japanese private sector to invest in Benin. Specifically, the Japan Benin Friendship Association will: (i) ensure advocacy in favor of Benin with the private sector, decentralized structures and NGOs; (ii) take initiatives contributing to the positioning of Benin in Japan and (iii) support the actions and activities of the Embassy.

Board of Directors

  • Mr. Kunihiro TANAKA Honorary Chairman
  • Mrs. Kyoko SPECTOR President
  • Mrs. Keiko KONISHI Vice-President
  • Mr. Hiroshi MASHIMO Executive Secretary
  • Mrs. Akiko HARA Vice-Executive Secretary
  • Mr. Takashi SAITO Head of Public Relations